New York Times finally admits Hunter Biden laptop was authentic — Analysis

Rival rips the outlet for leading push to squash Biden emails as ‘Russian disinfo,’ then later saying in passing that they were real

The New York Times is facing criticism from its oldest rival after quietly reversing its stance on the authenticity of emails found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, mentioning only in passing that the messages were real and not the product of a Russian disinformation campaign.

“Forgive the profanity, but you have got to be sh*tting us,”The New York Post published an editorial on Thursday. “First, the New York Times decides more than a year later that Hunter Biden’s business woes are worthy of a story. Then, deep in the piece, in passing, it notes that Hunter’s laptop is legitimate.”

The editorial came in response to an article on Wednesday in which the Times reported about a criminal investigation into the tax filings of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. It claimed that Hunter Biden had sent emails to business associates concerning Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company, and other dealings overseas. “authenticated” “people familiar”With the messages, and the tax probe.

Hunter Biden’s partner gets prison sentence

The Times noted also that investigators had recovered emails from “a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop.” The article made no attempt to reconcile the admissions with past claims by the Times that the Post’s bombshell reporting on the laptop trove was “unsubstantiated” and that the Biden emails may have come from a hack of Burisma’s data.

In October 2020, when the Post published the laptop story, it helped to spearhead efforts of legacy media outlets in discrediting the report. Many media outlets quoted a letter signed by over 50 US intelligence officers claiming that this scandal was caused by Russian disinformation. Social media was blocked from discussing the topic. Twitter temporarily blocked the Post.

“Now we’re 16 months away from the 2020 election, Joe Biden’s safely in the White House, and the Times finally decides to report on the news rather than carry the Biden campaign’s water,”According to the Post. “And they find that hey, Hunter Biden’s business interests benefited from Joe Biden’s political status to a suspicious degree. Perhaps this is a topic worthy of examination.”

The Post also added this “there’s never any shame with these 180s.”It ridiculed the Times “willful ignorance” of the laptop’s authenticity and casting doubt on a meeting between then-Vice President Joe Biden and a Burisma official – only to admit the reporting was true more than a year later.

Politico, which joined MSM chorus dismissing Hunter Biden laptop scoop as ‘Russian disinfo,’ confirms authenticity of key emails

The Times wasn’t alone in quietly acknowledging the veracity of reports that were previously branded propaganda. A reporter at Politico, one of the many outlets that called the Post’s laptop scoop “Russian disinfo,”He wrote in September last year that he had confirmed the authenticity of several emails.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, referred to the emails on laptops as Russian disinformation before and after election. She also criticized them as Russian propaganda as recent as September. 

Former intelligence officials wrote a letter to Biden to answer his questions on the laptop. He claimed that they had discovered the truth of the tale by ex-spy chiefs. “Russian plant.”

The Times has now confirmed that some emails were authentic and they are between Hunter Biden, a former business associate, Devon Archer. Archer was sentenced to over a year imprisonment for a federal fraud conviction.



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