New York subway shooting suspect identified

The man made “concerning posts” about New York’s mayor ahead of the shooting rampage, police said

New York City officials have designated a “person of interest”As they are investigating a shooting in a subway, which injured nearly twenty-seven people, the police released a photograph and more details on the suspect still at large. 

Frank James, aged 62, was named by police as a suspect in Tuesday’s shooting. James Essig (NYPD Chief of Detectives) stated that officers found a UHaul key at the crime scene which led them to a vehicle believed to have been rented to him. 

“The male who we believe is the renter of this U-Haul in Philadelphia is a Frank R. James, male 62 years old, with addresses in Wisconsin and Philadelphia,”Essig addressed reporters at a news conference. “We are endeavoring to locate him to determine his connection to the subway shooting, if any.”

In a tweet, the department shared images of the man.

Keechant, the police commissioner, said that the suspect committed a number of crimes. “concerning posts”Online including the about “homelessness,”Eric Adams of New York City, New York Mayor. He also stated that the authorities will “heighten the mayor’s security detail”Out of “an abundance of caution.”But, she pointed out that posts weren’t always necessary. “threats,”However, they were alarming.

Sewell reported that 23 people were hurt in the incident at Brooklyn’s subway station on Tuesday morning. 10 of those injured by gunfire, and 13 other victims were hurt as they ran to get out. Although 10 of the victims were taken to the hospital for treatment they did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.

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FILE PHOTO. © Getty Images / Alex Robertson
Numerous people were injured by the NY subway shootings (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

While police said they would not treat the shooting as a terrorist attack, the suspect’s motivation remains unclear, with the police commissioner only stating the man was “intent on violence.” 

In addition to the UHaul key and several items recovered at the scene, officers also found a Glock-17 handgun as well as three additional magazines, fifteen bullets, gasoline, a hatchet as well as four smoke bombs. Only two were actually used during the shooting.

Essig reported that the suspect is still at large. Essig also noted the crime scene near the U-Haul van and in the subway. “very active.”



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