New York man admits to ISIS-inspired terror plot — Analysis

The 22-year-old is accused of planning a ‘lone wolf’ knife attack on behalf of the infamous terrorist group

New Yorker has pled guilty to providing false information. “material support”He was allegedly responsible for plotting to attack Queens with a knife and that he wanted to record. 

Awais Chudhary, a naturalized US citizen who was born in Pakistan, entered a guilty plea in a Brooklyn federal court on Friday, after he allegedly reached out to people he thought were members of Islamic State and made preparations for a knife attack in New York City.

“Chudhary has admitted to planning to carry out a lone wolf terrorist attack in Queens against innocent civilians in an embrace of ISIS’s murderous cause,”Breon Peace, US Attorney, made the statement in a statement.

Prosecutors claim that after watching, the man pledged his loyalty in 2019 to the group. “violent terrorist propaganda videos,”Later “began planning for a knife or bomb attack.”He claimed to have identified targets near Queens.

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Chudhary was said to have ordered several items online for the plot, such as a “tactical knife,”You will need a mask and gloves. “cellphone chest and head strap to facilitate his recording of the attack, which he hoped would serve as inspiration to other ISIS supporters,”According to the Justice Department. According to the Justice Department, he was arrested while attempting to retrieve those items from an online retailer’s locker. Now he faces 20 years imprisonment on the terrorist-related charge.

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