New Interpol chief accused of torture — Analysis

Emirati General Ahmed Nasser Al-Raisi has been elected as Interpol’s president despite allegations of “torture” levelled against him and concerns from human rights groups that he’s been involved in targeting “peaceful critics.”

Interpol posted the announcement on Twitter Thursday morning. Al-Raisi took on the role of a ceremonial for a term of four years.

He was elected to this position against the backdrop of widespread criticism from members of the European Parliament (MEPs) over his past actions and any possible impact on Interpol.

Recently, France and Turkey have filed complaints against Al-Raisi. “acts of inhumanity and torture.”He was accused of participating in the arrests of two British men and their alleged physical abuse.

Given that Interpol’s headquarters is in Lyon, France it’s been suggested by their lawyer that the lawsuit could prevent him from carrying out his duties as Interpol president because he could be “arrested and investigated for torture”He should be able to tell you if “sets foot on French territory.”

Multiple non-governmental organisations criticized Al-Raisi’s consideration for this role in October 2020. They claimed he was not qualified. “part of a security apparatus that continues to systematically target peaceful critics.”

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Echoing the concerns floated by human rights groups, three MEPs wrote to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen earlier in November to object to Al Raisi’s potential appointment.

“The election of General Al Raisi would undermine the mission and reputation of Interpol and severely affect the ability of the organisation to carry out its mission effectively,” the trio wrote.

Al-Raisi has been denied allegations by the UAE, and the London Embassy released a statement defending him. “distinguished professional with a 40-year track record in community and national policing.”

Dismissing any suggestion Al-Raisi would seek to alter Interpol’s mission, the UAE added that “he will remain committed to protecting people, making communities safer and providing global law enforcement the latest tools in the fight against sophisticated criminal networks.”

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