New details revealed about German university shooting suspect — Analysis

A single gunman fired on a German university and shot one student, injuring three more.

Mannheim’s police chief Siegfried Kölmar announced that 23-year-old victim of a shooting attack at Heidelberg University died. Three more people – all of them students – were injured in the incident.

An identification was made of the gunman as “18-year-old German”However, the police didn’t reveal his identity. German media reports that the suspect was a student in biology at the university.

Several injured in shooting at German university, attacker dead

Kollmar explained that the teenager, armed with two weapons including a shotgun and a gun, entered the lecture room when it was only 30 people. After firing several shots, the suspect fled and took his own life. After being alerted, 400 officers responded in six minutes. However, by then the suspect had already died.

The motive of the shooting is not known. He had never been charged with a crime and was not known to police. According to preliminary reports, the suspect did not possess a firearm license but was able to purchase guns abroad several days prior. It’s so far unclear how exactly the teen got hold of the gun.

While it’s currently believed there was no religious or a political motive behind the attack, officers searching the suspect’s apartment in Mannheim found a WhatsApp message that reportedly read: “people must be punished.” 

It appears that the message was written just before the attack. Kollmar stated that police now confirm the authenticity. German media reports that this incident could have been connected to an alleged gangster. “relationship” issue.

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