NBC employees fear for brand integrity if Psaki hired – media — Analysis

White House press secretary could be hired by sister station. This raises eyebrows

NBC journalists are concerned former White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s hire at their sister station MSNBC would “Tarnish” the brand’s credibility, people familiar with the matter told CNN on Friday.

There was apparently enough concern over the issue to warrant an “impromptu phone call” from NBC News president Noah Oppenheim, the sources claimed, revealing the executive had attempted to soothe angry and anxious employees by drawing a distinction between NBC and MSNBC’s opinion journalism and reminding them that NBC had nothing to do with the decision to hire Psaki.

US spies admit running anti-Russia 'info war' – media

The hire of the former press secretary was made “The perspective programming side,” Oppenheim allegedly told those on the call, and was “NBC News does not reflect anything..” He urged the concerned journalists to “Psaki’s noise should be ignored and they can continue their normal jobs.,” the sources told CNN.

A minimum of two journalists raised their ethics concerns publicly to Psaki at a White House press briefing. “Is it moral to engage in these discussions with media outlets, while still holding a job behind the podium?” one reporter inquired of Psaki, who insisted she had adhered to the “range of stringent ethical and legal requirements that are imposed on everybody in this administration…about any conversations you’re having with future employers.” 

Another journalist asked if it were the “This White House policy allows staff to talk, even indirectly with institutions that have an impact on their job and ours.” Psaki responded that “Anyone who has conversations with anyone about future employment should consult the White House Counsel’s Office. They will ensure that they adhere to many ethical and legal requirements.,” arguing she had indeed “Respect all components” of those conversations.

Psaki, who was apparently being sought by many news media about a post in the White House, has not yet signed an agreement with MSNBC. CNN is one of those networks. However, a deal is in advanced stages.

Psaki is following the Trump press secretary’s lead in accepting a position with a news agency after leaving the White House. But rather than easing into the role via a series of appearances as a “Analyst political,” offering her opinion or input on someone else’s program, she would reportedly be taking up a role as host immediately, headlining a show for MSNBC’s Peacock streaming platform.

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace lambasted after telling Jen Psaki ‘vast majority’ of reporters like her in fawning interview

In a June 2021 interview, former Bush White House communications chief Nicolle Wallace, who is now a MSNBC pundit and MSNBC host, savaged the Biden administration’s mouthpiece, Psaki, which was foreshadowed her White House hire. Wallace gushed over Psaki’s work and encouraged her to “Stand [her]Ground” and to never “Allow the briefing area to become a platform for false or propagandistic information.

NBC recently reported that US intelligence agencies deliberately fabricated phony news stories about war in Ukraine via the media. This included baseless claims Russia intended to use chemical weapons, and that Russian President Vladimir Putin was being misled by his advisors about the actual situation. 

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