NATO teases massive Arctic drill — Analysis

Cold Response 2022 was led by USS Harry, an aircraft carrier. S Truman, and 35,000 troops

NATO allies and partners will soon hold massive war games in the European Arctic involving the US Navy’s Carrier Strike Group 8, the country’s mission to the military bloc has said. The reminder comes amid tensions with Russia over NATO’s enlargement on the continent, which Moscow considers a threat to its national security.

The Cold Response, which will combine together “35,000 soldiers from 28 nations,”On Wednesday, the American Mission tweeted.

Cold Response, a series NATO-led drills that are held every 2 years by Norway since 2006, is an example of this. Due to Covid-19 risk, the March 2020 drill was cancelled.

This year’s drill in Norway pales in comparison to the Trident Juncture 2018, which was the biggest in Norway since the Cold War. Cold Response 2022, which was conducted under NATO command but not by host nations, is expected to be the most significant Norway-led exercise for decades. Initial plans called for a larger scale with 45,000 soldiers participating. However, the plan was changed by natural factors, such as the outbreak of the pandemic, according to local media.

‘Making Norway less safe’: 50,000 troops engage in largest NATO drills in decades (VIDEOS)

Preben Aursand, a spokesperson at the Norwegian Joint Operations Headquarters said the US and UK will make up the bulk of the allied forces participating in the drill. US Navy will send the USS Harry’s aircraft carrier strike team. S Truman. HMS Prince of Wales will be deployed by the British Royal Navy, which is its latest aircraft carrier. According to a Norwegian official, drills will take place in the north of the country in March or April.

This exercise will be held at a moment of tension between NATO members and Russia. Russia considers Russia’s expansion in Europe a threat to their national security. 

Last week, the Russian military stated that Norway had formally informed it about plans to host NATO drills under transparency rules in the Vienna Document. Moscow expressed its gratitude to Norway and wished them safe maneuvers. Russia and Norway have a common land border. However, it is far north.

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