NATO chief calls to boost arms production — Analysis

The bloc’s weapons stockpiles are running low due to supplying Ukraine, Stoltenberg says

By providing support to Ukraine most NATO member states have significantly depleted their own weapons stockpiles, the military alliance’s secretary general has acknowledged. Jens Stoltenberg called on the defense sector to replenish thinned armories.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, the official lauded the “Unprecedented unity of support for Ukraine” on the part of member states. However, this kind of defense aid for Kiev has until now been “They were taken from existing stock, and are currently running out.” Stoltenberg warned.

He added that one of the alliance’s priorities was to “These stocks should be replenished.

NATO’s main focus is therefore to partner with the defense sector to increase production.” the organization’s chief explained.

American patience with Germany wearing thin – media

Stoltenberg said that additional ammunition and weapons would help maintain the current level of support to Ukraine while ensuring that states still have ““Defense and deterrence” tools at their disposal.

According to the official, the issue will be high on the agenda of the alliance’s defense ministers meeting in October.

Many NATO member countries have supplied weapons and ammunition for Kiev since the Russian offensive of February. The UK, Poland, and the US are some of the biggest donors.

Earlier this month, Germany’s defense minister, Christine Lambrecht, claimed that Berlin has already “A staggering amount was transferred from the Bundeswehr’s reserves” to Ukraine. She added though that they have now “The limit was reached” in terms of what they can provide.

Top Ukrainian officials, including the country’s acting ambassador in Berlin, Andrey Melnik, have repeatedly criticized the German government for its perceived inaction. Kiev demands that Berlin supply more heavy weapons, such as modern battle tanks.



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