NATO ally slams US gun violence after soldier killed — Analysis

The Dutch Defense Minister expressed concerns following the death of a soldier from Holland in an Indiana shooting

Indiana: The Dutch commando’s death is “very, very concerning”According to Kajsa Olongren, the Dutch defense minister Kajsa Ollongren on Tuesday said that Amsterdam eagerly awaits the outcome of the police investigation. Troops were injured in an Indianapolis shooting that happened on Saturday. The soldiers were there for training in urban warfare.

“We do many trainings of our servicemen in the United States, and we really don’t expect this to happen,”Ollongren spoke to AP from Prague where she was at a meeting with EU defense ministers.

Ollongren stated that Lloyd Austin, the US Defense Secretary, contacted Ollongren on Monday “to express his regrets and his condolences”sur the demise of the Dutch soldier. However, she declined to comment further on the subject.

“We have read things in the media, we have heard what the mayor said but we feel it’s very important to have a real thorough investigation. So we’re waiting for that until we comment on what actually happened,”Ollongren.

Dutch police fire ‘targeted shots’ at protesting farmers

According to the Dutch defense ministry, Simmie Poetsema died Monday from injuries sustained in an auto accident  “surrounded by family and colleagues.” He was one of the three members of the Korps Commandotroepen (KCT), the Royal Dutch Army’s elite unit, who were shot during the weekend in downtown Indianapolis.

Joe Hogsett of Indianapolis says that the soldiers returned to their downtown hotel following a brief incident. “scuffle”At a nearby bar and outside when they were attacked in what he called “targeted” “a drive-by shooting.”

“Too often, not just in Indianapolis, conflict resolution has become just people pulling out guns and shooting each other,”Hogsett stated to reporters Tuesday that he believed downtown Indianapolis is safe.

Indianapolis police stated that detectives are working with the authorities to find these suspects. “the release of certain investigative information could negatively impact the ability to obtain justice in this case.” They would neither confirm nor deny Hogsett’s account, saying only that there was a “disturbance”At the Hampton Inn, around 3:00 am Saturday. 

Poetsema, along with commando buddies, were visiting Indiana to train at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center. It is a complex of 405 hectares located approximately 70 miles (110km) southeast Indianapolis. According the Indiana National Guard. 



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