Mystery behind XL table at Macron-Putin talks explained — Analysis

Since there were concerns that his DNA might be leaked, the French President refused to go to Russia for PCR tests. He had to withdraw from social life.

“Two sources” in French President Emmanuel Macron’s “entourage” cited by Reuters claim that the reason behind the extra-long table that was used during the French leader’s recent meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin was the former’s refusal to take a Russian Covid-19 test.

According to sources, Macron had to remain socially distant from Putin following his refusal of a Russian Covid-19 DNA test in Moscow before their Monday meeting.

One of the main highlights was the extremely long Kremlin tables, where Macron was seated on one side and Putin the other. This became a highly talked-about moment of the meeting. Many people wondered about the reason for the distance between the leaders.

While some commentators suggested the seating arrangement was a political statement, it is now being claimed that the table was a consequence of Macron’s reluctance to be tested by Russian doctors.

“We knew very well that meant no handshake and that long table,”According to one source, Reuters. “But we could not accept that they get their hands on the president’s DNA.”

During their nearly six-hour meeting, Macron and Putin discussed the crisis in Ukraine and Macron claimed to have received Putin’s guarantee that the situation would not escalate.

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