Mysterious floating tank reclaimed from sea (VIDEO) — Analysis

The Indonesian military has intercepted the mysterious sea tank seen roaming the country’s waters

A mysterious tank-shaped object spotted on the open sea off Indonesia over a week ago has been finally intercepted by the country’s navy and brought ashore. But, it has led to more questions than answers.

The object, which has been lurking in the waters of the Natuna Sea – a vast shallow basin in the southernmost part of the South China Sea – was found afloat near the Indonesian Riau Islands on Tuesday.

The Indonesian Navy recovered the tank from its captors and brought it to shore.

This object proved to be a very well-constructed dummy. It resembles a modern combat vehicle. According to footage from the Indonesian Navy, it is hollow in its core, explaining its extraordinary seafaring abilities.

In a short statement by the Navy, they said that the origin of the object remains a mystery and that further investigation is ongoing into the strange occurrence.

Over a week ago, workers from an offshore oil rig first noticed the strange tank-shaped object in the Natuna Sea. A few photos of the mysterious tank were taken by workers at an offshore oil rig. These pictures quickly became viral and sparked wild speculation on social media. OPS Astrid (an anchor handling vessel), was close by the tank when it first sighted it. The object drifted away from the oil platform due to rough seas.

Mysterious ‘tank’ spotted floating at sea (PHOTOS)

It was not possible for the Indonesian Navy to catch the mock tank within the first 24 hours of its sighting. However, the dummy continued roaming the Natuna Sea more than a week after initial sightings. Eventually it was washed to shore closer and was easier to recover.

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