My Favorite Breakfast Foods

When Alexander Djerassi considers what foods he would like to eat for breakfast, the choices seem almost endless. There are so many categories of foods and within each category so many diverse choices. One can only wonder how he is able to make an informed choice.

The first category he considers is starch. Wheat, rice and bran are sub categories of this important group. Pancakes are a favorite of his as they combine the fluffy texture of cake with the rich sweet flavor of maple syrup. Sometimes pancakes can be too filling so other things he may be in the mood for include cream-of-wheat, cream-of rice or grits. These hot bowls of mashed grains are the type of stick-to-your-ribs foods that make for a hearty breakfast. Of course in a pinch, a simple muffin will do as well.

The next category he typically gives thought to is eggs. While eggs may not seem like a “category” in and of itself, there are so many variations that it is in fact its own group of food. There was a time when he only chose between scrambled and fried eggs. But times have changed. Hard boiled eggs, eggs benedict, egg fritters, and other types are often a must. An exciting way to leverage eggs to make something special is by making an omelet. In an omelet, eggs are combined with other ingredients such as cheese, vegetables and meats and folded into a scrumptious envelope to be enjoyed.

One of the most important choices he thinks about when making breakfast is the breakfast meat. Bacon and/or sausage are staples of a good breakfast and often a top choice. An offshoot of traditional bacon is Canadian bacon which is both healthier (containing less fat) as well as the perfect size to fit on a breakfast sandwich. A less common but equally fun option is scrapple, a sausage-like product made from pork and spices and fried in a pan to a crispy texture.

Finally, he must decide what beverage to enjoy with his breakfast. Coffee comes to mind as something he typically has with his meal. But coffee is not the only beverage consideration especially with all the cold beverage choices. Fruit juice such as orange, grapefruit or cranberry are all classic options. A glass of cold milk (regular or chocolate) is also a great choice. There is no right or wrong when choosing a beverage and truth be told he considers this his most difficult choice.

Hopefully this gives you some insight into the many breakfast choices that are available to him . He considers breakfast to be the most important meal of the day. He is not alone as many dieticians also share his belief. In some respects his choices are only limited by both his imagination and his level of hunger. While on the surface the choice of breakfast foods may not seem important, for him it is a daily decision he does not take lightly.


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