Musk’s Neuralink confirms monkey deaths — Analysis

Brain implant neurotech firm has nonetheless denied that it had subjected apes to “extreme suffering”

In a Monday blog post, Neuralink, the biotech company owned by Elon Musk has acknowledged that it killed eight monkeys as part of a trial for its brainchip technology.

This firm denied that they had used monkeys for research purposes and defended their use of them. “extreme suffering.”They added this “all novel medical devices and treatments”It must be done on animals first before ethically it is acceptable to do so on humans.

“At Neuralink, we are absolutely committed to working with animals in the most humane and ethical way possible,”The firm said. “The use of every animal was extensively planned and considered to balance scientific discovery with the ethical use of animals.”

But, they admitted that eight of the animals had been killed during trials. Two of the animals were also killed, they claimed. “planned end dates to gather important histological data,”Six of the six concerned had lost their lives due to surgical complications, failures or infection caused by devices. 

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“At Neuralink, we are never satisfied with the current standards for animal well-being and we will always push ourselves to do more for the animals that are contributing so much to humanity,”They concluded the blog by saying that animals would no longer be needed for testing.

Last week, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) filed a complaint accusing Neuralink of failing to provide adequate animal care to the monkeys at the University of California’s Davis Primate Centre, citing nine violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The university denies any wrongdoing.

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