Multiple fatalities in Texas elementary school shooting — Analysis

According to Governor Greg Abbott, the teenager gunman killed 14 teens and one teacher.

A school elementary in Uvalde Texas was attacked by 14 children and their teacher on Tuesday. Before the attack on Uvalde Elementary School, the suspect (18-year-old male) reportedly also shot his grandmother.

At a press conference in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott revealed the death toll shortly after hospitals received reports of an increased number of gunshot-injured children. According to earlier reports, the death count was lower and the suspect was taken into custody.

He shot 14 of his students dead and a teacher.Abbott stated.

Abbott stated to reporters that Salvador Ramos was the suspect and drove up to Robb Elementary School with a gun and possibly a rifle. “it is believed”Responding officers shot him to death.

There is not much information available about the gunman or the relationship he has with the school. Uvalde Police, FBI, and ATF agents are currently investigating the incident.

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