Multinational oil and gas giant Total accused of playing down threat of global warming since late 1980s – report — RT World News

A report published in the peer-reviewed Global Environment Change journal has blasted oil and gas company Total for “promoting doubt regarding the scientific basis for global warming,” accusing it of moving from “denial to delay.”

The accusations are laid out in a report that explores Total’s response to global warming between 1971 and 2021, following on from similar investigations into other oil, gas and fossil fuel companies.

According to the analysis, Total officials may have been unable to provide sufficient information. “received warnings of the potential for catastrophic global warming from its products by 1971,”The company failed to take action to deal with the increasing threat. The company was instead accused of “promoting doubt”Before settling on the position of, learn more about the scientific foundation for climate-change claims. “policy delay or policies peripheral to fossil fuel control.”

It is claimed that the reports claims there is “direct proof of Total’s awareness of climate science in 1971,” citing an article published in the company’s magazine that year about “atmospheric pollution and climate.” However, for the following 17 years, the topic was never brought up again in the magazine, with the report suggesting the company’s communications team “downplayed”Global warming “denied”The impact of human activity. also available
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Total issued a response to the claims made in the Report. “openly acknowledged the findings of climate science 25 years ago,”The researchers also regretted that they failed to draw attention. “the efforts, changes, progress and investments made”By the company.

The researchers also raised concerns regarding ExxonMobil, a fellow giant in oil and gas. ExxonMobil was also criticized by Total through the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association. “coordinated an international campaign to dispute climate science and weaken international climate policy.”

Exxon previously claimed that its previous work at the “forefront of climate research for four decades”To ensure the company works in close collaboration with climate experts, it will be able to support them. “development of climate science.”

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