MPs blast government inaction on Julian Assange — Analysis

Australian opposition lawmakers have urged Prime Minister Scott Morrison to “end [the] lunacy” over Julian Assange’s imprisonment on alleged espionage charges and demand the US and UK release the WikiLeaks founder.

British courts ruled Friday that Assange may be extradited to America. Parliamentarians have asked Canberra and Morrison for assistance during the “apocalyptic” period, which Adam Bandt, leader of Australian Greens, described as “apocalyptic”. “critical moment in the fight against suppression of press freedom.”

Assange’s persecution and our government’s inaction are chilling, and should worry everyone who cares about a free press or thinks that governments should protect their citizens.

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) said the country was not a party to the case and would respect the British legal process. Australian Associated Press was told by a spokesperson for DFAT that they had received the information from the government. “raised the situation”Discuss it with the UK, USA and UK “expectations of due process, humane and fair treatment, access to proper medical and other care, and access to [Assange’s] legal team.”

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Aim of Assange’s prosecution is to ‘scare others’ – Rafael Correa to RT

Bandt said to The Guardian, however that the government wasn’t “[sitting]It is in its hands. [doing] nothing”While an Australian citizen was “being prosecuted for publishing details of war crimes.”

The US wants Assange, 50, extradited to stand trial over an alleged conspiracy to obtain and publish classified information following WikiLeaks’ release of hundreds of thousands of leaked documents about the country’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He faces a sentence of 175 years in prison if convicted.

Andrew Wilkie, an Independent MP, described Assange in the meantime as “a dangerous and unjustified person.” “hero”Morrison was reached at “end this lunacy”Seit dem des all All Des Get get every them alles him Deal Weihnachts dar deal darin “journalism is not a crime.”He criticised the UK’s inhumanity. “lackey of the US”They blasted Canberra for being “delighted to go along for the ride.”

Twitter: “political response”Was required to obtain “justice”Janet Rice (Greens senator) urged Marise Perry, Foreign Minister Marise’s counterpart in the US to speak out about Assange “drop these absurd charges and end Assange’s torture.”

Assange’s lawyers have announced they will appeal the ruling, with the legal fight likely to head to the UK’s supreme court. Penny Wong, a Labor Party spokesperson, told The Guardian the case was closed. “dragged on for too long”Morrison was pressed to “bring this matter to a close.”



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