MP deletes tweets equating Covid restrictions to Holocaust — Analysis

A Dutch MP has been forced to delete tweets comparing the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions to the Holocaust, but says he will appeal the court order, calling it a “crazy ruling.”

On Wednesday, an Amsterdam judge ruled that MP Thierry Baudet, who heads the right-wing Forum for Democracy party, was “Attempting to inflict unnecessary pain on Holocaust victims and their families” and ordered him to delete the social media posts within 48 hours or pay a fine of €25,000 ($28,000) for each day of delay. Baudet was prohibited from using Holocaust-related imagery in Covid-19 discussions.

I’ve just deleted four tweets I was required to delete by a judge. Similar with Instagram messages and Facebook posts,” Baudet wroteTwitter: Thursday

Adding that he was “It’s deeply troubling that I don’t have the right to say what I truly believe.” he underlined that “Our appeal is certain.” He also called it “incomprehensible” and “crazy.”

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In one of the tweets, now deleted, Baudet said that the unvaccinated were “The new Jews” and “The new Nazis are those who don’t see the exclusions..” He also placed side by side an image of a ghetto child with a Star of David with a photo of an unvaccinated Dutch child unable to attend a party.

Baudet’s posts sparked anger from Jewish organizations, which called the comparisons insulting and hurtful to Holocaust victims, survivors and their relatives. As a result Baudet ended up in court with a lawsuit filed against him by four Holocaust survivors and Jewish advocacy groups.The judge agreed that Baudet’s comparisons were disproportionate and that the tragedy of the Jews had been “It’s been downplayed.”

Jews were not allowed to have access without a test or vaccination.” the judge noted.

The Forum for Democracy reacted to the verdict by calling it “Totalement hallucinatory” The party blamed the judge for restricting “Freedom of speech” and said that it would “It is certain” appeal the decision.



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