Most Americans oppose Biden’s foreign policy – poll — Analysis

Economist/YouGov’s latest poll shows that both Republicans, and unaffiliated voters are highly critical of President Obama.

The majority of Americans either strongly or somewhat oppose President Joe Biden’s foreign policy, according to the results of an Economist/YouGov poll released on Wednesday. Even among Democrats, one in five do not support Biden’s handling of the world, while independents are more in line with the Republicans, the survey showed.

Just 16% of 1,500 adults in the US surveyed claimed they did not. “strongly approve”This poll shows the manner in which Biden has handled foreign policy. Additional 25% “somewhat”Approve, which is 41%. For a total 51%, 37% disapprove strongly and 14% slightly.

When the question was narrowed down to the 1,312 registered voters, disapproval rose to 53% while Biden’s support crept up to 42%.

The poll had a significant Democratic bias with 540 respondents identifying themselves as Democrats. This compares to only 382 Republicans and 572 independents. 

With 74% of Democrats supporting Trump’s foreign policy, it is no surprise that Democrats continue to back him in the White House. However, almost one in five – 19% – do not. Only 12% of Republicans approve of Biden’s diplomacy, while 85% do not. Among the independents, combined disapproval adds up to 57%, while only 28% approve of Biden’s foreign policy, and only 8% do so strongly.

This survey took place between August 13-16. It was just before the one-year anniversary of Kabul’s fall to the Taliban. This led to the fall of the Afghan government, which Biden claimed would not happen. There was panic as US military aircraft left Kabul.

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