Moscow sanctions Trudeau and Canadian leaders — Analysis

Moscow’s foreign minister suggested Ottawa might compete with Washington over its Russophobic Rage

Over 300 Canadians have been sanctioned in Russia by the Foreign Ministry, following a similar Canadian move. Delivered on Tuesday in response to what it calls the “The current Canadian government is exhibiting a hostility beyond comprehension,” Moscow’s sanctions list includes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It also contains the names of ministers of foreign relations and national defense as well as most of the House of Commons deputies of Canadian Parliament. 

Aggressive pro-Bandera elements” in Canada are also banned, the Russian announcement revealed, referring to the Ukrainian WW2-era Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera. All sanctioned persons are prohibited from entering Russia Federation.

Canada sanctions Putin, reveals stance on SWIFT

Jewish groups accused Canadian soldiers of training neo Nazi battalions in Ukraine last year. Media also reported that Canadian officials met with Azov Battalion members in 2018.

The Russian Foreign Ministry defended its latest step, declaring that “every Russophobic attack, be it attacks on Russian diplomatic missions, airspace closures, or Ottawa’s actual severing of bilateral economic ties to the detriment of Canadian interests, will inevitably receive a decisive and not necessarily symmetrical rebuff.”

The sanctions announcement from Moscow followed Canada’s declaration that it would impose sanctions on 15 Russian officials. Ottawa’s sanctions were announced ahead of an expected virtual address to the Canadian Parliament by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is planning a similar speech to the US Congress on Wednesday.

Canada deploys troops at Russia’s frontier

Following in the footsteps of its southern neighbor, Canada has closed its airspace and ports to Russian aircraft and vessels, shipped millions of dollars’ worth of lethal military aid to Ukraine, and banned oil imports from Russia, though Canada has not actually imported any Russian oil since 2019. Ottawa has added a few people to its list of targets since the start of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine.

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