Moscow casts doubt on Pelosi’s Taiwan visit — Analysis

Russia claims that this potential voyage is only provocative. It expresses solidarity with Beijing

Moscow considers the possible visit of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of US House of Representatives to Taiwan as an act of aggression. “purely provocative”Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov claimed that the act adds tensions to already high levels in the area during Tuesday’s press conference.

Peskov stated that although “we can’t say for sure”Pelosi may not visit Taiwan but he said that the entire trip of her to Taiwan and possible visit there would be. “provokes a situation” “leads to tension.”

“We see this, it is being recorded by all countries of the world. China is our total support. This is why it’s so sensitive to the issue. They are right to be sensitive. Instead of being respectful, the US chooses to confront. It doesn’t bode well,” the Kremlin spokesman said, adding that Washington’s decision is “only regrettable.” 

Peskov also noted that in the event that a military conflict breaks out as a result of the ongoing tensions between China and the US over Taiwan, Russia’s borders would be secured by its own army.

“Regardless of the emergence of some provocative situations, the security of our borders is reliably ensured along the entire perimeter of these borders by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation,” Peskov proclaimed.

Сhina dispatches state-of-the-art warships – media

Pelosi, the US House or Representatives speaker is likely to be Taiwan’s first visitor in more than two decades. Beijing said the trip would be an affront to its ‘One China’ policy, through which it lays claim to sovereignty over Taiwan, and which Washington formally acknowledges.

Zhao Lijian from the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned about the possibility of the speaker visiting during Monday’s briefing. “if you play with fire, you will get burned. I believe the US is fully aware of the strong and clear message delivered by China.”

Pelosi “dares”To travel to Taiwan “the [People’s Liberation Army] will not sit idly by”It will be taken “resolute and strong countermeasures” to protect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, he said. 

Taiwan is officially called the Republic of China (ROC) and has been independent since 1949. However, Beijing never declared Taiwan an independent country.

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