More kids to receive Covid jab as Hong Kong lowers age eligibility — Analysis

Three-year-olds will be given the Covid shot by the authorities, which lowers the age of vaccination from five.

Hong Kong’s announcement that the Sinovac vaccine will now be available to children under three years of age has been made amid an increase in cases. This announcement comes amid a spike in infections, with China-ruled Hong Kong reporting a record 2 071 cases Monday. 

The old age limit used to be five years.  

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As the Omicron version becomes more popular, it is likely that the infection rate will rise further. Around 83% have had two vaccine doses, while 74% of those over 12 have at least one.

According to recent statistics, less than half the elderly have been immunized.

Experts think that elderly people were not advised to be vaccinated because of the possible side effects. Hong Kong had been Covid-free for many months.

The British former colony has put in harsh restrictions due to an increase of infections. Beijing however, insists on its zero-Covid policies despite the difficulties presented by Omicron.

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