Monsoon rains kill dozens in India

Minimum 50 persons have died. Some were even crushed in their homes.

Since Friday, floods and landslides in India’s Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand have claimed at least 50 lives. Many thousands of people were forced from their homes, and rescue operations continue to locate those who are missing.

A state official said that heavy rainfalls in Himalayan Himachal Pradesh over the weekend caused flash flooding and landslides which left at least 36 dead. CNN reports that homes collapsed with the residents within, causing some deaths.

On Sunday, the government of Uttarakhand stated that 13 were missing and 4 had died. According to reports, emergency workers use helicopters in remote locations to save people who are trapped.

Six deaths were caused by flooding in Odisha’s coastal state. Two children were killed when a wall collapsed, The Hindu reported. The state authorities decided Monday to expel 120,000 residents from low-lying regions, who are more at risk because of the many rivers running through the state.

Due to rainwater coming down from Jharkhand, the northern state, these rivers could burst their banks. According to Jharkhand authorities, five persons were drowned by the Nalkari river’s swelling on Saturday. Four bodies have already been found.

Although torrential rains can be common in this region of India, forecasts by government agencies had previously predicted that there would be an average rainfall of 3.5 inches throughout the months of August and September. As of Monday night in these areas, no severe weather warnings were in effect. But thunderstorms are expected to return later in the week.



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