Mode and Style of Communication Matter

When determining ways to reach audiences, media relations professionals will often times turn to deciding which medium to use in order to most effectively transmit a message. Some have advocated turning to mobile technology as one method. Others have advocated utilizing the tremendous advances that are available in the areas of both digital and social media programs. Helen Schifter is someone who recognizes that this is indeed an important decision for experts to make. So how can one approach this in the most tactical and strategic manner?

Analyzing the methods that your audience uses to consume their information would be a prudent and shrewd thing to do. This affords the person behind the media campaign the insights needed to identify the mechanisms they are using to gather information in a way that is educational but also strategic.

Helen Schifter for one has said that there needs to be a healthy understanding of the modes people use to consume information in order to properly formulate a media campaign that works. If you’re going to try to communicate a message or a litany of messages to a group of people and a wide and vast audience, there indeed needs to be a thorough process that one engages in to identify the proper outlets to target. This process should not be limited to identifying the media properties though.

Instead as pointed out by other established professionals, it  must extend as well to identifying those that are most inclined to be receptive to the message. This is an incredibly important factor for people to take into account, since it  directly relates to the effectiveness of any prospective campaign. With this myriad of factors properly accorded for, there will be success in the achievements of any such campaign. It’s bound to end in such a fashion.




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