Millions of Canadians believe in conspiracy theories – survey

More than a third believe that the shadowy elites seek to replace Native Americans with Immigrants

Diverse conspiracy theories including the ones of far-right and “dangerous contrarians,”Abacus Data, the leading Ottawa-based research firm and strategist, found that Canadians are strongly supportive of these policies.

The firm conducted a nationwide survey – the second in a series called ‘Trust & Facts: What Canadians Believe’ among 1500 adults – which examined how much they trusted mainstream sources of information and government institutions.

It was quite disappointing to see that the majority of Canadians believed conspiracy theories.

“Canadians who want to believe that Canadian society is relatively unaffected by conspiracy thinking will find little comfort in these results. Millions believe that our lives are controlled by secret plots to undermine our interests,”Abacus Data made the statement after presenting the survey results.

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Supporters arrive at Parliament Hill for the Freedom Truck Convoy to protest against Covid-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions in Ottawa, Canada, on January 29, 2022. © Lars Hagberg / AFP
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Some 44% of respondents – 13 million adults – believe “big events like wars, recessions and the outcomes of elections”are controlled and manipulated by dark cabals “working in secret against us.”

More than one third of Canadians – some 37% or around 11 million – believe that “there is a group of people in this country who are trying to replace native-born Canadians with immigrants who agree with their political views.”According to pollsters, this is a good stance. “an articulation of what is commonly referred to as replacement theory.”Renaud Camus in France is the man behind the far-right conspiracy theory. “replacist” elites are seeking to demographically and culturally replace Europeans – and whites in general – with people of color.

About 20% of the respondents agreed with that idea. “the World Economic Forum is a group of global elites with a secretive strategy to impose their ideas on the world,”According to the poll. This view of the WEF is supported by 42%, while 37% disagree or are unsure. Another similar proportion of Canadians believes that the rest of the world is being controlled unspecified. “secret societies.”

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Bill Gates delivers a talk at the TED2022 conference in Vancouver, Canada, April 12, 2022.
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Canadians are not very interested in conspiracy theories involving Coronavirus. Only 13% of respondents believe Bill Gates used vaccine-borne microchips for tracking people’s movements and controlling their behaviour. According to the poll, 21% were unsure or believed it could be possible.

Abacus Data warns that the widespread existence of conspiracy theories in Canadian society poses grave risks. These ideas eventually pose a threat to society. “to undermine the ability of political parties, businesses, civil society groups, and governments to help build consensus and make progress together,”It was added.

“Perhaps the most disconcerting thing in these numbers is the fact that mistrust of institutional accounts isn’t simply neutral skepticism – it is often accompanied by a willingness to believe dangerous contrarian theories,”The company was closed.



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