Migrant rights activists clash with police (VIDEO) — Analysis

Days after Iraqi asylum seekers were detained, a protest was organized near the German-Polish border.

On Saturday, the initially peaceful protest for migrants rights in west Poland descended into violence with police wearing riot gear.

A crowd of around 100 people was seen outside Krosno Odraskie, an immigration detention facility near the German frontier.

Regional police authorities stated that 11 were held for attacking officers. 21 people will be held accountable. “disobeying orders.”Marcin Maludy (police spokesperson) said that one of the suspects was German-born and that one female was being treated for hypothermia. 

No Borders Team, which is the organization behind the protest wrote that they wanted activists to “reach out” earlier this month via social media. “stop the criminalization of migration”Stop deportations to Poland and shut down detention centres.

After asylum seekers mostly from Iraq declared a hunger strike on Wednesday at Wedrzyn’s detention center, asking for their release, the protest took place. Police said that a riot broke out at the centre in November when migrants attempted to flee. Local media claim that more than 1500 people are currently held at the center.

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