Michigan Insurance Leader Peter Vitale On Fostering Business Growth

Peter Vitale is an accomplished insurance professional, having received both regional and national recognitions for his accomplishments within Michigan’s insurance market. Several of the business practices he’s used to achieve success can be used by other professionals to advance their careers and companies.

Peter Vitale Recognized for Business Development

Based in Michigan, Peter Vitale began his insurance career with Allstate in 2012, serving as an Executive Account Manager. After gaining two years of experience and seeing success, he opened his own Allstate agency. It was his agency’s performance that really established Vitale as a rising name in Michigan’s insurance industry.

The growth of Peter Vitale’s Michigan insurance agency, Bloomfield Insurance Group, earned a pair of awards in the agency’s initial year. First, Peter Vitale received Allstate’s North Central Top Honors Ring. This is a regional award that includes the State of Michigan. The award is based on a combination of growth, client retention and profitability. The agency was named part of Allstate’s “Miami Heat.” This is a national award given to Allstate agencies that see extraordinary growth.

In 2016, Allstate again praised the growth that Peter Vitale’s Bloomfield Insurance Group. This was also when Peter Vitale began providing consulting services to other insurance agencies in Michigan through Bloomfield Insurance Group.

Businesses Practices For Successful Professionals

Peter Vitale attributes his success in Michigan to a variety of business practices. Some of the ones that other professionals can benefit from are examined below.

Look for Multifaceted Solutions to Problems

Anytime Peter Vitale takes on a new consulting client, the agency is inevitably facing problems. Most agencies are seeing declining revenues and profits. These are usually due to existing customer attrition and an inability to secure new insurance customers. Solving this type of problem requires a multifaceted approach.

When Vitale begins to consult for a new insurance agency client, he normally uses a three-pronged approach. He looks for operational changes that need to be made. Vitale then revamps the marketing and advertising plan, and retrains the sales team. While any one of these might provide a floundering insurance agency with a minor boost, it’s the multifaceted approach that has the power to truly turn an agency around.

Anytime you face a problem in business, look for a multifaceted approach. Don’t implement just one change if there are multiple ones that can help. The positive effects of your changes will likely be compounded if you make more than one adjustment simultaneously, especially if the changes are synergistically aligned.

Become Personally Involved in the Business

Michigan’s Peter Vitale takes a hands-on approach to consulting. He devotes a significant amount of personal time to each new agency client. Vitale’s process begins with an outline. He revises this over the course of two or three days after creating the initial plan. He does this for each aspect of an agency’s plan before he begins actually enacting the plan.

In taking this approach to consulting, Vitale is personally involved. While some people might imagine consultants as far-off experts who give advice, Vitale’s path to success as a consultant has been through his hands-on efforts. He hasn’t found shortcuts for effort.

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners know how much effort is required to establish, turnaround or effectively run a business. Whether in insurance or another industry, owning and managing a business isn’t something that can be done without personal involvement.

Streamline Task Management with Tools

Like every other professional, Peter Vitale has a full schedule and many items to oversee. Most days involve a long list of tasks that he must attend to. These tasks are often ranging from quick emails to long planning sessions.

To help him keep track of everything that there is to do and stay on task, Vitale uses a task organization app. He has found that Asana offers a good combination of task management features for both in-office and remote work. However, there is a myriad of other tools available for professionals to discover.

A task management app is something that every professional can benefit from. It’s easy to be sidetracked while working, but the minutia of running a business must be attended to. A task management app will help you attend to all of the detailed items in your day. It’ll likely also help boost your productivity.

Keep a Notebook on Hand for Ideas

Good ideas may strike Peter Vitale at any time. However, he doesn’t always have the freedom to focus on them when they occur. He might think of a solution to a client agency’s marketing dilemma on the way to an unrelated meeting with a colleague, for example. Vitale can’t let good insight slip from his memory. However, he also can’t spend time on it at the moment. Jotting down a quick note in a notebook allows him to return to the idea when he is able to give it the attention it deserves.

Always keep a notebook at hand to ensure that you can jot down ideas when they occur. A digital or physical notebook can work, so long as it’s always with you. Keep it nearby when you’re at home, at work, out, sleeping or doing anything else.

Invest in Digital Marketing and Sales Tools

Many of the client agencies that Michigan’s Peter Vitale provides consulting services to can benefit from a more modern marketing and sales plan. Implementing digital tools is often part of his marketing plans. The insurance industry has been moving toward online operations for years, but the transition has been significant accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Insurance agencies must be able to effectively reach customers online if they’re to survive in the current market, and this requires having the right tools.

The right tools for an insurance agency include reliable websites, recognized communication software and a robust customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The programs required for your business to succeed are likely similar, although they could be different. Whatever programs your business needs, however, invest in quality software applications that allow it to compete in today’s world.

Implement Strategies as You Pursue Success

These business practices have been instrumental to Peter Vitale’s success, and they’re partly why he has led one of the fastest-growing insurance agencies in Michigan. While they may not guarantee success or be all that you need to be the best in your state and industry, the practices certainly are a great framework for success. Start implementing them as you pursue your business growth goals.


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