Miami asks people to sell their guns over Ukraine conflict

The “Guns 4 Ukraine” buyback program offers gift cards in exchange for firearms

People who are selling their firearms can get gift cards from the city of Miami. There have been several such buybacks in Miami throughout this summer.

According to a flier posted on the local government’s Twitter account, those participating in the ‘Guns 4 Ukraine’ buyback program can expect to receive a $50 gift card for submitting a handgun, $100 for a shotgun or rifle, and as much as $150 for a high-powered rifle such as an AR-15 or AK-47.

However, gift cards are not available for homemade firearms or reproduction-style guns. “for public safety.” The purpose of the program isn’t only to aid Ukraine but also to help take guns off the streets of Miami, according to city officials. 

During the previous ‘Guns 4 Ukraine’ events held in late June and July, Miami police claimed to have collected 167 assault rifles and handguns, which city commissioner Ken Russell described as an “unprecedented effort”Ukrainians need your help “in their time of need” and also to get weapons off the city’s streets. 

Aleksandr Markushyn, the mayor of the city of Irpin in Ukraine’s Kiev Region, stated on his Telegram channel that these 167 firearms had been sent to Irpin in what is “a precedent in the history of international partnership between Ukraine and the US.”Markushyn stated that weapons will be given to Irpin officers and territorial defense fighters. 

According to reports, the Miami city will supply Irpin with bulletproof vests and helmets. Russel reports that Irpin was declared one of Miami’s sister cities in August, which allows the city governments coordinate donations.

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Ukrainian troops fire US-supplied M777 howitzer. © AFP / Sergey Bobok
US expands weapons deliveries by sea to Ukraine – WaPo

Some opponents of the program argue that these weapons will not meet what Ukrainian officials need. Kiev still demands more sophisticated weapons, including advanced rocket systems and drones.

Since Russia’s military operations in Ukraine began in February, the US has been Ukraine’s largest military aid supplier. The largest military aid package for Kiev to date, valued at $2.98 Billion, was announced by Joe Biden, US President.

Russia was critical of US arms supplies and US allies. They only serve to prolong the conflict and increase risk of an actual confrontation between Moscow, NATO and the US.



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