Mexico will ask Biden to free Assange – president — Analysis

Julian Assange, co-founder of WikiLeaks, has been given treatment “very unfairly”The shameful news is that Mexico offers to let him in. He said he would bring up Assange’s case with his US counterpart Joe Biden when they meet in July. 

Last week, the UK declared that it will extradite Priti Patel from the UK to the US. He faces charges of espionage and could spend up to 175 years in prison if convicted. Priti Patel, UK Home Secretary was responsible for the decision. “very disappointing,”Lopez also uses the initials AMLO.

Biden will be asked by him to drop Assange’s charges at their next meeting, he said. This would be against the will of the “hardliners in the US”But “humanity must prevail,”AMLO was added. 

Are freedoms being taken away? What about freedoms?

“Julian Assange is the best journalist of our time in the world and he has been treated very unfairly, worse than a criminal,” AMLO. “This is a shame for the world.”

Mexico would be willing to give Assange refuge if and when Assange is freed, the president said, recalling that Assange previously called for the US government to drop any charges against Assange. “a prisoner of conscience.”

Julian Assange has no prayer against the ‘Empire of Lies’

Assange (Australian citizen) sought asylum in Ecuador 2012 after he suspected Washington would want him to be arrested for WikiLeaks publication in 2010 of documents detailing the US wars. He spent the next seven years trapped at Ecuador’s embassy in London – as the UK refused him safe passage – until his asylum was revoked by a new US-friendly government in Quito. 

British police took Assange from the Embassy in April 2019, and placed him in the highest-security Belmarsh prison, south London. He remains there to this day. The US indicted Assange for violating the Espionage Act and he was facing 175 years imprisonment. Assange has denied all allegations, and a key witness in Washington’s case against him admitted he lied in his testimony.

Canberra has not spoken up for Assange’s release, even though the recently elected Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had opposed the charges against the journalist during the election campaign. Albanese declared Monday that Assange must be released, and that his government wouldn’t publicly intervene on behalf of the US. “engages diplomatically and appropriately with our partners.”



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