Metaverse ‘rave’ flops miserably, witnesses claim — Analysis

Participants share video clips from the event that feature multiple avatars performing nothing on the dancefloor

What was apparently supposed to be a testament to just how fun the metaverse is turned out to be quite the opposite – at least, if the stories and videos of a rave party held there shared by some of the attendees are anything to go by.

Decentraland was a virtual-reality platform that is similar to Facebook’s, and the event took place early Thursday morning. The virtual space allows users to explore various locations, communicate with each other, and kill it on the dance floor – though, as evidenced by some of the footage shared from in the thick of it, there was very little actual dancing going on.

Alex Moss (chief technology officer of an NFT-development company) was one of those who offered a glimpse into the metaverse. Moss shared a short 37 second clip on Twitter that showed a bunch of dancers, some of which were stationary. Techno music was playing in the background. The video snippet was captioned, “This is the #metaverse … A live rave happening right now in @decentraland.

Before long, the footage went viral on social media, with users poking fun at the lackluster ‘party’.

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Vice and Cut Journalists also plunged into the virtual party in order to give their readers an authentic experience. As a minimum requirement to participate, the barrier of entry was low. All a user needed to access the virtual party was an Internet browser and an address to email. A user is then offered to choose a name and an avatar out of a “Very few” selection of characters available.

One reporter recounted how he had not seen anyone when he first entered the dancing floor. He had to refresh Decentraland before a handful of avatars appeared, floating “They can travel 6-10 inches above the ground and still keep their feet on the ground.” with one person being “It is suspended in the heavens, moving but not floating.

A journalist described several glitches that he had encountered at the party. He mentioned the floor flickering and disappearing objects. According to his account, there were “Around 10 people” on the dance floor, most of them stationary and just “Gazing out into space.

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