Met officers lash out at London Mayor — Analysis

The condemnation comes days after Commissioner Cressida Dick said she was resigning over losing Sadiq Khan’s support

On Monday, the Metropolitan Police Federation issued a damning statement announcing its disapproval at having been deemed guilty of a crime. “no faith in London Mayor Sadiq Khan”Following the “very public ousting of Commissioner Cressida Dick”Last week.

“This is not a move we take lightly. We have let the Mayor’s office know in no uncertain terms how our brave and diligent colleagues deserve better,”In the statement, Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation said.

This organization represents over 31,000 London-based police officers. “rock bottom,”With officers “saddened and angry”Dick was “pushed out.”

While Khan said last week that the commissioner’s resignation had come after she lost his support for failing to present a credible plan for reforming the culture within the Met, the policing body disagreed with his assessment. 

“She was reforming. She was changing. It is changing. We are deeply disappointed with the actions of the mayor,”The federation declared.

The group strongly criticized politicians for having a strong-worded statement. “unfairly lambasted”For officers “for things they haven’t done”While the members of force are “putting their safety at risk.”

Khan and his office have not yet commented on the federation’s statement.

Metropolitan Police commissioner resigns from London’s force

Dick stunnedly resigned on Friday after declaring that she did not intend to resign. “no choice but to step aside.”She will continue in her current role until the appointment of a successor.

Over the last few years, multiple scandals have engulfed the Metropolitan Police force. Wayne Couzens was sentenced on September 20, 2021 for murder, kidnap and rape of Sarah Everard. He falsely accused Everard of being a Met officer and had him killed. A few months later, two ex-Met policemen were arrested for posting photos of the two sisters who had been murdered and taken. 

Recent reports by the Independent Office for Police Conduct have accused Met officers from Charing Cross of violating police conduct. “disgraceful”Behavior, discovering that there was a culture based on racism, sexism and homophobia.

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