Massive fire, explosions rock Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon — Analysis

An explosion and large fire broke out at the southern Lebanon refugee camp of Palestinian refugees. According to reports, the incident was centred at a weapons stockpile that was believed to be belonging Hamas militants.

Late Friday night, a fire broke out at Burj el-Shemali Camp just outside of the Lebanese capital, Tyre. This camp, which is home to 12 Palestinian refugee camps spread across the country, has the largest settlement.

Online footage that is not verified shows an explosion that sent a huge mushroom-shaped plume into the atmosphere. A shockwave also apparently broke windows in nearby buildings.

The blaze also featured several smaller explosions, as another scene video purports.

Multiple emergency personnel were deployed to fight the flames and evacuate nearby buildings.

It was believed that the affected building housed a Hamas-run weaponry depot. The incident resulted in several people being killed or injured, according to the National News Agency, which is funded by the government. However, it did not give an exact number.



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