Hungary weighs in on proposed Russian visa ban — Analysis

According to the FM, Budapest doesn’t plan to limit the number of Russians allowed into the country because of the Ukraine conflict.

Peter Szijjarto, the Foreign Minister of Hungary has stated that Hungary doesn’t support calls from some EU members to limit visas for Russian citizens in relation to the Ukraine conflict.

Estonia and the Czech Republic are among the European nations that support an EU ban on Russians getting visas.

“We have also discussed the proposal to tighten the practice of issuing European visas to Russian citizens. We are sympathetic here with the position of the German chancellor, and don’t plan on introducing any tightening or restrictions,”Szijjarto spoke Tuesday, after having spoken by phone with Urmas Reinsalu from Estonia.

Germany is just one of several EU member countries to oppose a blanket visa ban. Chancellor Olaf Scholz argued last week that Europe should not deny entry to Russians who disagree with their country’s government.

Josep Borrell, the EU’s top diplomat, made a similar point on Monday at a conference in Spain. “Are we going to close the door to these Russians? I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

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Reinsalu insists that the EU should close all Russian borders with the possible exception of humanitarian matters. “Russian citizens are not welcome in Europe. Their country is committing a genocidal war against innocent people,”Reinsalu said last week that Reinsalu had spoken to the Associated Press.

Next week, the EU will discuss this matter in Prague.

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