Mass shooting in California leaves 6 dead — Analysis

In downtown Sacramento, California just outside of a few bars and clubs was the scene of an early morning shooting

A shooting outside a strip of bars and clubs in downtown Sacramento, California left at least six people dead and ten more injured on Sunday morning, according to a tweet from police at around 4am local time.

Social media video shows that at least twelve people are involved in a fight before gunfire breaks out, and the participants scatter. According to local media, the shootout occurred in the vicinity of K Street 10th Street.

According to police, multiple ambulances arrived on the scene and at least 10 were transported to local hospitals.

Unconfirmed reportsSocial media suggests that the shooting began after a driver in a car pulled an automatic gun and started firing at a crowd near the El Santo Restaurant. The identity of the target or the connection between the fighting and the shooting are not known.

Reporter killed by mass shooting

While police have released little information regarding the shooting, they advised residents to avoid the area and told media that a “Large police forces will be maintained.” However, they have asked for locals’ help identifying the suspects in the shooting.

The scene is still alive,” they continued, and an eight-block cordon has been set up.

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