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For many people all over the world, it’s apparent that the oceans are in dire need of assistance. The millions of cubic tons of garbage that is being dumped into the ocean ecosystems every day are horrifying, especially for Alex Djerassi. It’s obvious that there needs to be a change in order to achieve great results. The animals that live in those ecosystems are in dire need of help and saving. Thousands of animals are dying every year by choking on plastic or other horrific ways of passing. Many animals have permanent damage from inhaling toxic substances and are a handicap for the rest of their lives. It’s extremely important that carbon emissions are not only reduced but eventually eliminated. If people are not properly educated on the subject, then they will not know that there are many ways to help. The first way is to donate to organizations that help save these animals and rehabilitate them. By doing so, these marine biologists can certify that the animals have gone through the proper medical treatment and testing they might need. If there are serious health issues, animals like seals, turtles, otters, dolphins, or others may need serious assistance. 

The best chance these animals have at a better life is through the work many of these rehabilitation specialists and marine biologists do. The more people that are included in such an endeavor, the better chance these animals have at survival. It’s obvious that when these animals are brought to these rehabilitation centers, they need financial assistance in some way, shape, or form. That is why “adopting ” marine animals is one way that greatly benefits these animals. These marine life centers off adoption packages that establish a clear and concise way to help out the animals. The adoption rates are from thirty-two over two hundred dollars. It allows people to feel more connected in regards to what they are doing to help animals and also maintain their needs on a financial level. If everyone were to adopt animals from their marine life center, there would be such an increase of joy this holiday season. No matter a person’s religion or beliefs, helping out marine life get free of human-related causes is a wonderful gift to consider. For people like Alex Djerassi, this is a no brainer. The more people that establish a greater sense of community around marine animals, the better chance they have at surviving for generations to come. People all over the world can contribute to such causes. The more financial support that comes, the more animals will survive. Plastic is a dangerous killer to so many varieties of sea life. It’s time to take action and save the planets before it’s too late. 


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