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According to a survey, the vast majority of Swiss do not want to contribute financially towards climate change efforts. Rising numbers of people in rural areas and young people don’t want to pay higher prices for fuel, heating, and travel.

A new survey has revealed that the Swiss authorities’ 2050 targets for carbon neutrality are not in line with people’s willingness and ability to continue paying higher prices to support them. This poll was conducted with approximately 23,000 respondents and its results were published on Sunday by 20 Minuten Media Groups and Tamedia.

With the exception of Green Party supporters, the rejection to pay higher climate-related bills was widespread across all of Switzerland. Although women are more aware of climate change than men, most people don’t want to pay significantly more.

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Switzerland rejects campaign to ban fossil fuels, claiming it’s on course to hit 2050 net zero emissions target

Some 67% of the respondents found rising fuel prices unacceptable or would pay an additional ten percent to cover their regular expenses. A majority of the 61% polled female respondents were against increasing gas prices. However, only 80% of those aged between 18 to 34 said they would not pay more. Rural residents are more sensitive to the fuel price. 

The Swiss were a little more open to climate-friendly price increases in heating and aircraft travel. The majority of the surveyed, however, are still against such moves: some 57% of the respondents either rejected plane ticket price hikes altogether, or agreed to no more than $44 in additional charges. A similar number of respondents – some 60 % – refused to pay significantly more for home heating.

The Swiss narrowly rejected the proposal of a June referendum. “carbon dioxide law”A nation-wide referendum was held. This flopped bill, which was an addition to the CO2 Act as an extra package, proposed new, higher fees and taxes for fuels that emit carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. If passed, it would have added tax on all fossil fuels except natural gas as well as increased prices for tickets to the airport. is also available
Global elites flying private jets to COP26 climate conference emit more CO2 than hundreds of citizens would in a year – UK media

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