Major French dictionary slammed for pandering to woke — Analysis

Le Petit Robert, France’s most famous dictionary of words has stirred controversy by adding the non-binary personal noun as an option to existing masculine or feminine terms.

Although the Petit Robert dictionary update is often the subject of intense debate in French media outlets, it has been the focus of quite a bit of backlash. Some, including a cabinet Member, have accused the new edition of pandering and wokeism.

The French word for “iel”, a neologism, is the combination of two French words: he/she (also known as “he” and “she”)Il“, “Elle“, is used to identify a gender-neutral person. Personal pronoun, subject to third-person singularity and plural. Used to invoke a person of any gender. Use of pronominals in inclusive communicationThe entry in the dictionary reads. 

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France turns to Ancient Greece for war on woke

Striking out at the latest inclusion, François Jolivet, an MP in President Emmanuel Macron’s LREM party took his protest to the Académie Française, the official guardians of the French language.  

The movement can be described by “wokeism,” Jolivet said in a letter to the Académie that the word “IelThe French language did not allow for “” and it was claimed that this would lead to the rise in ‘woke’ ideologies, which threaten the Gallic nation’s values.

Jean-Michel Blanquer is also an outspoken Minister for Education chimed in. “Inclusive written is not the future for the French language,”Jolivet sent him a tweet, in which he shared Jolivet’s message. “Just as schoolchildren consolidate basic skills, it doesn’t mean they need to use this reference as an example.”He added.

Nicolas Dupont Aignan, the head of Gaullist Party Debout La France, also criticized Petit Robert for his “implicit” statements.Wake up” addition.“Let us defend our language from these deformist fanatics and let us boycott collaborators who allow them to,”He tweeted.  

Le Petit Robert responds to “lively debate”The publication claimed that the pronoun is being used more frequently in modern society and has therefore been added to their most recent update. It was also stated that the publication had received positive feedback about this addition.

Blanquer recently pledged to improve the teaching of Latin and ancient Greek languages in France as part of France’s recent offensive against wokeism. Blanquer has been called an Anglo-Saxon import for its anti-wakeism rhetoric. According to the education minister, classical vernaculars are responding to a need for logos (language that can be used for reasoning), in a world with fewer languages. “A lack in reason is spreading like wildfire.” 

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