Major blaze after ‘explosion’ at ExxonMobil plant (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — Analysis

Baytown residents in Texas had an unpleasant night following a blast that rocked the ExxonMobil refinery on Thursday. Four people were hurt in an explosion at ExxonMobil’s refinery.

Locals reported that their houses were “shaking”The blast, and all of their entirety apartments “rumbled”The incident occurred on Thursday morning. “Just had [a]It is a boom big enough to be noticed [the] house shook & everything inside the house rattled,”One person posted on Twitter.

Pictures and videos posted on social media show large gray smoke plumes rising over ExxonMobil’s plant, which is located approximately 25 miles (40 km) east of Houston. This refinery is the US’s second largest petrochemical plant. It was illuminated by massive balls of flame that engulfed the sky above it.

According to police, at least four people sustained injuries in the event that witnessed the inferno rising over the plant. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez stated that the incident that saw inferno raging over the plant had left four people hospitalized. He also said that three were taken to an emergency room by an aircraft ambulance.

The sheriff said also that “some type of explosion”The incident occurred in the plant. This led to what local authorities called “a “major industrial accident.”Gonzalez stated that there is no need for residents to flee the area, but advised people to stay away.

Rohan Davis, the manager of the refinery, stated that while he was unable to confirm exactly what caused it, he did know that there were a few possible explanations. “full and thorough investigation”They will.

After several hours of fighting the fire, locals confirmed that it was finally put out. “died down.”The ExxonMobil facility contains a chemical plant and an olefins production plant. It also houses an oil refinery capable of producing 560,000.50 barrels per day according to Reuters.

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