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Maintaining a positive and long-lasting client relationship is paramount for the growth of legal professionals. As a legal advisor, Diego Ruiz Duran takes the time to realize the client’s needs will build trust, strengthen contented relationships, and lead to client retention. Duran is an excellent lawyer from Mexico who has had a successful career because of his positive client relations. According to Milenio, although it is quite challenging to create and sustain viable client relations, it is the lawyer’s sole responsibility to ensure clients are satisfied with their services.

Attending each client meeting in a unique way helps Duran make clients feel more comfortable. No legal practitioner can build a successful law career with a single client. Dealing with multiple clients can be challenging since every client yearns for personal recognition and individualistic support. Therefore, it is the lawyer’s mandate to ensure every client feels like their case has received exceptional attention and priority. Prioritizing every client reduces their anxiety while building trust at the same time.

Duran always starts off any client’s meeting by addressing the goals of any client. That way both parties are on the same page and it reduces the wasting time on unnecessary matters. On El Financiero, clients result in legal representation in any case since they want to achieve a particular unique goal concerning their matter. Legal professionals should understand every client’s case objectives and what results are considered justifiable. Understanding the client’s goals and expectations from scratch will help the legal team sustain authentic client anticipation during the entire process.

Clients expect frequent follow-ups by the lawyers as this keeps one’s anxiety at bay. As a legal representative, Duran keeps in touch with clients through one-on-one consultations, maintains speedy email responses, and checks on clients. Keeping in touch with clients helps strengthen the relationship and dispense any negative feelings that can dent one’s image. This also allows Diego to feel more connected to his clientele because, during the pandemic, it has been hard to connect in person.

Furthermore, the ability to accomplish work given on or before the set deadline is paramount in maintaining healthy client relationships. For client retention, Duran believes lawyers should go an extra mile of finishing the task given even earlier for satisfaction purposes. However, if one cannot complete the job before or within the set deadline, do prior communication to avoid the client’s frustrations.

Relationships will always blossom where there is honesty and openness. The law requires every legal practitioner to maintain high honest standards when dealing with clients. Tackle every question truthfully, and in case of any mistake, be ready to acknowledge and rectify. It is also the legal advisor’s responsibility to cultivate the client’s honesty by emphasizing the repercussions of false information, according to what Duran has told F6S.

Lawyers should vigorously represent the clients regardless of the surrounding circumstances or the expected results. When a client hires a legal advisor, a high level of advocacy assurance and support is expected. Make the client feel adequately represented in all circumstances.

Duran believes in cultivating an interest in a client as a person, not just a case. Create a good rapport with the client, and if possible, cultivate a personal relationship with the client. Get to understand some small amount of the client’s background information and the family too. Clients are not interested in business matters all the time and will highly value the interest a lawyer will demonstrate as a person. This results in a harmonious relationship since the legal practitioner can discuss matters outside the legal issue.


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