MAGFAST: A Simple, Safe, and Secure Way to Power Up Your Devices

Are you tired of having to untangle cords when you bring your phone charger and laptop cord with you to work? Are you sick of inferior device chargers that stop working within weeks? Are you fed up with losing your chargers when your devices need more juice when you’re on the go?

MAGFAST offers a better, simpler, and safer way to power up your devices.

Providing Consumers With a Truly Wireless Experience

MAGFAST was established in 2017 and started with the objective to provide consumers with a truly great wireless charging experience. Two years later, it has more than reached its goal, offering the MAGFAST Family, which consists of six different chargers to cover every possible charging need.

The company’s power banks all come with wireless charging capabilities; conventional USB-A outlets; the newer USB-C outlets all with PD Power Delivery; and built-in, self-storing replaceable cables. What’s more – each charger can be used by itself, as well as connected to other units for the simplest, fastest wireless charging experience.

Supporting the Environment

With their sleek design and lack of wires, MAGFAST’s products beautify your environment. In addition, thanks to top-of-the-line manufacturing, they’re built to last, which is better for the planet. On top of that, to demonstrate its commitment to a healthier planet, MAGFAST has pledged to plant a tree for every sale it makes.

MAGFAST Devices: Authenticity Guaranteed With Amazon Transparency

Thanks to the global economy and worldwide marketplace, counterfeiting is more common than ever before. Industries ranging from automotive to consumer electronics are flooded with fake goods that can be hard to tell from the real thing. Unfortunately, however good they look at first glance, they’re almost always of lesser design and shoddily manufactured.

When it comes to cables, chargers, and power banks, a counterfeit product malfunctioning is a true nightmare. It can damage your device or even lead to injury, but because you didn’t use an authentic brand product, your warranty is likely to be voided, and you won’t qualify for repairs or a replacement.

For this reason, MAGFAST is vigilant about guarding the quality of its products. The company participates in Amazon’s Transparency program. This service provides product serialization to identify individual units and ensure that customers receive only authentic products.

MAGFAST Fingerprint™ Offers an Additional Layer of Security

MAGFAST Fingerprint is a unique code that’s added to every single MAGFAST device. It takes the form of a QR code that’s shaped like a fingerprint and contains a unique, encoded cipher. And just like a human fingerprint, no two ciphers are the same. When you scan the QR code with a QR app or your smartphone’s camera, you get access to a number of useful features, including:

  • Instant, automatic authenticity confirmation:The QR code is run against MAGFAST’s secure database. It’s impossible to guess the codes, and if a code is used on more than one product, the reproduced instance is immediately rendered invalid.
  • Detailed manufacturing data: You’ll know exactly when and where your product was manufactured.
  • Product benefits: You’ll have warranty and service information at your fingertips. In addition, you can access information about MAGFAST devices, as well as videos on how to use your device. You can also participate in contests that offer free MAGFAST devices as prizes. Plus, you’ll be able to purchase new devices at a discount.
  • End-of-life data: MAGFAST is dedicated to supporting the environment by manufacturing the greenest chargers in the world. Once your device reaches the end of its life, all you have to do is scan the Fingerprint to see how you can easily and cleanly recycle the charger. This helps keep harmful metals and chemicals out of the environment.
  • Lost and found: It’s all too easy to lose a charger. That’s why each MAGFAST device comes equipped with instructions for the person who finds it to scan the QR code. This will then show him or her how to send the device to MAGFAST, after which the company will return it to you, the rightful owner. To top it all off, the person who found the device gets a reward –and getting your device back doesn’t cost you a dime. And if you’re concerned about security, don’t worry; the system is designed to protect you, so your personal details are never shared with any third party.

Boost Your Charging Experience With MAGFAST

MAGFAST offers a 21st-century solution to charging your devices. It addresses everything from clutter and quality to returning a lost device and recycling an old one. Learn more about the MAGFAST Family of devices and enjoy a better, cleaner, safer charging experience.


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