MAD Magazine to Cease Publishing New Material

After 67 years of spoofing the American Dream with original and usually rude artwork, poetry, and prose, MAD Magazine will begin reissuing material from its golden age of humor, and cease creating any more original humor.

Sources close to the magazine’s publisher and editor say that the changing face of American humor has lessened the appeal of the magazine’s trademark zany irreverence, until subscriptions fell below the level where the company could make any money publishing it –unless some drastic budget and staff cuts were made immediately. Another culprit in MAD’s creative demise is the rising cost of glossy pulp paper, which has led to the demise of dozens of magazines and newspapers in the past ten years.

So, rather than cease publication altogether, MAD will begin retailing its golden oldies in September, and most likely lay off all of its current creative staff.

One magazine and newspaper vendor in Times Square, when asked about sales of MAD Magazine recently, said: “We haven’t actually stocked it in years. Do they still publish it? I thought it was out of business. It was great for teenagers, but now all they do is play video games anyways.”

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