Los Angeles-bound plane catches fire (VIDEO) — Analysis

A Mexican airliner was forced to land an emergency landing because its engine had ignited sparks and flames.

A Viva Aerobus flight from Guadalajara (Mexico) to Los Angeles was forced by an engine fire to return and perform an emergency landing.

A loud boom was heard by passengers shortly after takeoff at 10:10 on Tuesday. Then, sparks and flames were seen coming from the right engine of the Airbus A320 plane. Feared travelers alerted crew members to the flames and they promptly turned around and safely landed back at Guadalajara.

The incident was captured on video and shows bright sparks coming out of an engine as it flies over a densely populated area. None of the crew or the 186 passengers sustained injuries. According to reports, panic onboard caused by the engine fire led passengers screaming and praying, as well as crying.

Viva Aerobus, a low cost carrier which bills itself as “the greenest airline in Mexico,” was using an Airbus A320 for Tuesday’s flight, according to data from After taking off, the plane landed in Guadalajara at Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport. It takes approximately two hours to fly from Guadalajara to Los Angeles International Airport.

The airline offered an extra flight to Los Angeles on Wednesday morning, possibly to accommodate the passengers who didn’t make it to their destination on Tuesday night.

Airliner catches fire after crash landing

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