London's mayor sounds alarm over winter crisis

Sadiq Khan believes that the UK government must step in to ensure people can meet basic needs.

Millions of people in the UK could find themselves unable to put food on the table and heat their homes this coming winter if the government doesn’t intervene, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said on Saturday.

“We’ve seen nothing like this before,”Khan posted on Twitter about record high energy prices and inflation exceeding 10%.

“We’re facing a winter where for millions it won’t be about choosing between heating or eating but tragically being able to afford neither,”He was very clear.

“This can’t happen,”Mayor insisted, adding that British government “needs to step in so that people can meet their basic needs.”

He accompanied the post with a data from the Auxilione energy consultancy, predicting that energy bills in the UK could increase by 80% in October, exceeding £3,600 ($4,292) per year on average. For comparison, the cap set by energy industry regulator, Ofgem, in October 2021 stood at £1,400 per year.

Khan also spoke on the same issue on Friday while visiting a warehouse that distributes supplies to food banks in one of London’s boroughs.

He assured that his administration would be successful. “committed”To provide support to struggling Londoners but asked for the government’s attention to make it more effective. “no sign of this rise in costs slowing down”.

“Ministers must act now to help prevent this cost of living crisis becoming a national disaster,”According to the mayor.

The economic difficulties created by Europe’s Covid-19 epidemic have been exacerbated further by Western sanctions against Moscow imposed over Ukraine’s conflict and subsequent drop in Russian natural gas supply to Europe.

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While the UK is not directly dependent on Russia for fuel, it’s been hard-hit by soaring prices on the global market.



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