London records worst year for teen homicides — Analysis

London saw 30 teenage murders in 2021. This is more than the 29 recorded in 2008 and 2008. On Thursday, a 15-year old and a 16 year-old were both killed within one hour.

A 16-year old boy was stabbed to death in Hillingdon (West London) on Thursday night. He died less than one hour after another 15-year old boy, also fatally injured in Ashburton Park (Croydon), was found. They both received medical attention, but were pronounced dead at the scene. 

Two deaths means that 2021 is the deadliest year of teenage homicide since records started. London was the previous capital of teenage homicides, with 29 victims. 

Most of the 2021 deaths were due to knife crime. However, 3 people died as a result gunshots and 1 person was killed in an apparent arson attack. The victims all appear to have been young men with the youngest victim being only 14. 

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26 of the 28 teenagers who were murdered had come from an ethnic minority background. Two young men were killed on Thursday. Their identities are still unknown. 

Alex Murray, Met Police Commander said that he had been informed by the police about the tragic death of the Croydon boy. “deeply saddened by every single homicide this year, and greatly concerned by those that have been teenage killings.”  

Sadiq Khan, London Mayor, said that he was “investing record amounts in policing to put more officers on the streets,”Noting that Londoners are safe “will always be my number one priority.”

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