London motorists could face per journey charges — Analysis

A report found a third of car trips in England’s capital could be walked in under 25 minutes

Sadiq Khan, London’s Mayor, announced that drivers in the Capital could now be charged for each journey starting 2024 to help improve air quality.

Statements containing the following:n Monday, Khan said air pollution was “a matter of social justice,”Londoners, who tend to be the hardest impacted by poverty in less developed areas of London are also the “least likely to own a car.”

Per-journey costs would be in effect starting 2024, if they are formalized. These charges were designed to fulfill requirements laid out in the new report that outlines how the city will reach its 2030 net zero goal. London needs to reduce its vehicle journeys by 25% to meet its climate targets, according to the report commissioned by Mayor.

Element Energy’s report claims that 33% of London’s car trips can be done in 25 minutes or less, while 2/3 could be cycled within 20 minutes.

An analysis of traffic in the capital found vehicle congestion cost London £5.1 billion ($6.94 billion) in 2021 due to a mixture of gridlocked traffic and air pollution.

Londoners warned against outdoor activity

Transport for London (TfL), London’s mayor, has requested that they investigate the possibility of implementing road pricing strategies. This would allow motorists to be charged by the distance traveled and time spent, as well as the location in which they reside.

Khan asked TfL to investigate if there are other options for tackling car pollution before 2024.

One option is to add a clean air fee per day for travel in Greater London. Another possibility would be to extend the Ultra-Low Emission Zone currently applicable to petrol and diesel vehicles.

Khan stated that he would like to get started. “an earnest conversation with Londoners”Learn more about how you can reduce pollution “given the urgency of the climate crisis,”He admitted, however that technology wasn’t yet in place to execute some of his more ambitious plans. “years away”From being prepared.

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