Lockdown lifted over danger worse than Covid — Analysis

The three Spanish islands of La Palma were placed under lockdown on Wednesday. Officials said that toxic fumes have partially subsided from ongoing eruptions at the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

Officials placed a lockdown on the beaches, telling residents not to leave as the ocean’s lava was sending thick fumes into our air. This could have serious consequences for citizens’ health.

Miguel Angel Morcuende is the technical director for the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan. He said that the decision was made to lift the restrictions after the cloud had dissipated. But he cautioned that those living near the coast should continue to use masks. “stay protected” “prevent any problem.”

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Despite the stay-at-home order being lifted, La Palma’s airport will remain closed, as workers attempt to remove tons of black volcanic ash that has covered parts of the runway. 

Carmen Lopez, from the National Geographic Institute’s geophysical monitoring program, warned that, unless the eruption begins to diminish, “it is most likely to keep affecting” the area’s ability to operate effectively.

La Palma has been experiencing the longest volcanic eruption in its history for 375 year. Lava is flowing out of the volcano since the beginning of the month, and there are fears that the eruption isn’t slowing down. 

Cumbre Vieja has erupted on September 19. It covers over 1,000 hectares on the island. This volcano has caused damage or destruction to around 2,700 properties, and forced thousands of people from the area.

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