LinkedIn Tips & Tricks: Build a Better Profile By Focusing On Your Company Bio

LinkedIn is an online platform dedicated to professional networking. Founded in 2002, LinkedIn has since grown into one of the largest corporate social media hubs on the internet. With more than 760 million registered users, LinkedIn offers a wide range of potential networking solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs that know how to navigate its many channels.

A casual perusal of the average LinkedIn profile will reveal professional headshots, resume information, and even network endorsements. You can take a look at this company’s LinkedIn page for a great example of what we are discussing. With that being said, the most powerful section of a corporate LinkedIn profile will likely be the LinkedIn Summary.

To maximize your chances at success while building a professional and competitive profile declared let’s focus on how to build a company summary and biography from the ground up. We’ll focus on a few key tips that entrepreneurs can use to drive traffic, build their reputation, and ultimately find success.

What is a LinkedIn Profile Bio?

The LinkedIn Summary, or company biography, is a dedicated space on your LinkedIn profile where you can share a bit about your business. This is a small area of text, so information must be concise, accurate, and professional. This area consists of roughly 200 characters for you to explore how to best convey your company’s message. That’s a lot of pressure, isn’t it?

To craft a better company profile on LinkedIn, you are going to want to focus on a few key areas of information. A LinkedIn company bio will be better served if the author nails the following ideas in some fashion or another.

1) Focus On Your Mission Statement – Put plainly, why does your company exist? What is the reason for your continued work in your field? Identify your inner mission statement before refining it for the world to share.

2) Introduce Your Skills Carefully – A LinkedIn company biography is not the same thing as a sales bio. You aren’t trying to win customers, you are trying to network with your industry. This means that you should share your services and skills softly, highlighting your personal approach and how it differs from the rest of the industry. Use personal anecdotes if necessary to really convey what you or your company has to offer.

3) Don’t Forget Your Personality – With more than 700 million registered users on the platform, LinkedIn becomes a number’s game at the end of the day. To avoid becoming just another figure in the total count, make sure to incorporate some aspect of your personality into your work. You need something unique that sets you and your company apart from the millions of other users on the platform.

Developing the perfect LinkedIn profile is an endeavor that every company should seek to undertake. Not only is LinkedIn one of the premier destinations for corporate and entrepreneurial networking on the internet, but it is also one of the most affordable ways to get your company out and into the world.

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