Liberal gender ideologies imposed on children could change Western civilization for generations — Analysis

Leftists want to spread queerness among minors at schools. This projects adult insecurity, and undermines traditional values.

Parents are now beginning to notice the impact of left-wing pedagogical attempts to bring gender ideology into schools. Some call it ‘ideological capture’, others call it ‘grooming’. 

The children are shown drag shows, Pride parades that have been organized by their local schools, transgenderism and LGBT-based curriculum. It is taught that children should question their sexuality, gender and gender. It’s all being done for the sake of affirming the choices of adults who often struggle with their own identities.  

Dogged investigations by the Manhattan Institute’s Christopher Rufo and ‘Irreversible Damage’ author Abigail Shrier have done much to bring the issue into the limelight. Libsof TikTok, a social media researcher chronicles the tireless work of Libs. They document a endless list of videos made by self-confessed grade and kindergarten teachers. “educating”The children in their care are taught gender theory and transgenderism.

These videos were chronicled and earned multiple Twitter suspensions for the Libs of TikTok accounts. The woke mob is becoming increasingly concerned about negative publicity.

Court halts child abuse probes into parents of trans kids

In many cases, schoolteachers who self-identify as ‘non-binary’, ‘genderqueer’ or ‘transgender’, express a wide spectrum of emotions over how students perceive them – as if the children exist only as a foil for the narcissism of the adults instructing them. Others speak of how proud they are of the kids who identify as something other than ‘cisgendered’ and straight – as if it’s any business of theirs.

These teachers may be merely trained to teach English or math. However, they spend a lot of time figuring out how to best help students. “educate”As if schooling is nothing but a means to express their personal worldview, children are taught this by teachers.

As kids come home from school asking to be referred to by a whole new set of gender pronouns, and as books such as ‘Genderqueer’ – which contain graphic illustrations of non-traditional sexual relationships – make it into official school curricula, many have likened the whole exercise to a form of sexual conditioning.

Grooming (or ideological capture) is more involved than its terms may suggest. This grooming, or ideological capture, is more than just an alarming precursor to the normalization of pedophilia. 

Are you a strong father figure? You can forget about that. They have no one to look up too, but an infinite array of degenerate 20-somethings. “they/them”They are told that honesty, meritocracy, parenting, and other forms of capitalist oppression by pronouns. 

This grooming is not limited to public schools. The mainstream media and social media have also played significant roles in normalizing transgenderism. The permeation of this new, woke ideology has even consumed institutions such as Disney, which remonstrated against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ efforts to clamp down on grooming in the classroom.

Dubbed by the mainstream media as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, DeSantis’ legislation was designed merely to give parents a larger say in what’s being taught in classrooms, effectively putting a stop to the promotion of woke gender ideology in Florida’s schools, which was being pushed on kids as young as five.

Disney to investigate LGBTQ+ concerns

This is basic legislation. “classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate.”

In other words, the law, which wouldn’t even need to exist in any part of the world that hasn’t embraced postmodernism, allows for kids to be kids – at least for a while.

More than simply opposing the legislation, several of Disney’s corporate executives have expressed a desire to make the company’s productions more “inclusive”To the LGBTQ+ community.

Karey Burke, president of Disney’s General Entertainment Content and the proud “mother of two queer children,”Included “one transgender child and one pansexual child,”She expressed support “many, many” characters who fall under the rainbow – with a vow to make members of marginalized groups at least 50 percent of the company’s regular characters by the end of the year.

Latoya Raveau, Disney’s Executive Producer, discussed how to inject the magic into her company. “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” into children’s programming, adding that she is “adding queerness” wherever she can with the company’s full support.

The backlash against conservative objections to grooming is growing in strength, it goes without saying. As more parents speak out against it, the response from the establishment hasn’t been to yield, but to promote it even harder. Only recently, the Biden administration expressed its support of “trans children” through the introduction of “X” gender identifiers on passports and a promise to fight against state laws prohibiting so-called “gender-affirming care”And ideological capture

‘Don't Say Gay’ bill requires students to be ‘outed’

Charlee Corra, an heir to the Disney family, came out publicly as transgender with “they”And “them” pronouns, and spoke in support of the company’s efforts to drive woke ideology through the company’s messaging.

This fight seems to have existential implications for Western Civilization’s fate. Whoever wins will decide what the West will look and feel like in future generations.

Political differences aside, one rule is universal: children shouldn’t be talked to by strangers about sex. This rule should not be ignored, regardless of whether the talk is coming from corporations or state institutions. Conservatives should be more vocal in calling grooming out for what it really is. Optics be damned – the lives of children matter more than anything else.

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