LGBTQ community wants Zelensky’s advisor fired — Analysis

The group accuses Alexey Arestovich of being a homophobe for stating that LGBTQ persons are ‘people with deviations’

A Ukrainian LGBTQ group has called for the firing of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s top adviser, Alexey Arestovich, on Tuesday after he stated that he considers queer persons “people with deviations.”

Arestovich was questioned by a livestreamer on June 19 about his views about the LGBTQ community. Arestovich replied that while he held a conservative opinion about the movement, he treats its members with compassion.

“I’ve said this before and I won’t hide it: I treat LGBT as people with deviations, meaning deviations from normal behavior. In this sense I am a conservative,”He added, “He was…” “completely against the persecution”LGBTQ people and should treat one another as people.

He noted that he was a seasoned official who had been able to recite the following: “normal attitude”He strongly disapproved of the LGBTQ community. “LGBT propaganda”It was completely rejected.

“This is the propaganda of a deviation from the norm, which has very concrete negative effects on society,”Arestovich. “I do not accept it at all and am a resolute opponent of it,”He added that he is open to LGBTQ people and shows compassion.

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KyivPride, a Western-backed Ukrainian NGO that fights for LGBTQ rights in Ukraine, slammed Arestovich’s statements, going as far as to allege that he is part of a “homophobic Russian world,” and demanded President Zelensky immediately fire him from his position as the country’s top adviser.

“We call on Zelensky and the Office of the President to remove this person from the post of Councilor. This issue is long overdue in society,”The group insisted on the assertions of the leaders, noting that the rhetoric coming from Kiev was unacceptable if Ukraine wanted to join the EU.

Another social media storm erupted when Arestovich stated Monday that he was going to be a “social media king”. “Ukrainian culture was impressive and fascinating” until “activists were allowed there.”These comments provoked outrage from social activists in Ukraine and other figures. They also asked Zelensky not to associate with the advisor.

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