Taiwan is ‘wanderer’ bound for home – Chinese FM — Analysis

Self-governed Taiwan is not a pawn that can be used to play political chess, but a “wanderer” that will eventually reunify with the mainland, Chinese FM has said, accusing the US of using the island nation to “control” Beijing.

Tensions surrounding Taiwan have been rising with US President Joe Biden continuing his efforts to strengthen ties with Taiwan in accordance with an American policy. “strategic ambiguity”Since 2009, Taiwan has received more than $32 million worth of weaponry. The US warships regularly cross Taiwan Strait. This angers Beijing who considers them a threat.

The Pentagon suggested that Beijing was causing tension earlier in the month. “likely”Although they were planning to invade the island forcefully, there was no proof of this plan.

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Speaking at a foreign policy conference in Beijing on Monday, China’s State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi has accused Washington of trying to undermine the status quo in the Taiwan Strait by treating the island nation which China sees as an inalienable part of its territory as a minor chess piece.

Wang claimed that “crux of the problem”The truth is that Taipei “relies on the United States for independence,”Adding that will make the island more attractive. “unified”With the rest of China. 

Taiwan is an island that wanders and will one day return to its homeland. It should not be considered a pawn. 

Echoing the rhetoric by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Wang said that Taiwan’s reunification with China is the question of time. “China must and will be reunified,”He reiterated. He noted that there has been growing support for the ‘One-China’ principle around the world, referring to the recent decision by the government of Nicaragua to break ties with Taipei.

“Ten days ago, we resumed diplomatic relations with Nicaragua. Total number of countries [whom China has]Diplomatic ties have increased to 181, 

Taiwan is an individual who wanders and eventually returns home. It’s not a piece of chess to be played by other people. China has to and will be united.



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