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Trois female activists were summoned back by the court for their posters that depicted Virgin Mary wearing a LGBT flag-halo. This was in violation of religious beliefs. The same charges were dropped earlier in the year.

Three women, named by Amnesty International as Elzbieta, Anna, and Joanna, are due to appear in Poland’s docks on Wednesday for allegedly putting up the images of the Virgin Mary with a rainbow halo in public spaces in the city of Plock in late April 2019.

In July 2020, the three were arrested in Poland by Polish authorities. Elzbieta had been traveling overseas and was later arrested in Poland.

The women were cleared on charges of violating Article 196 of Warsaw’s penal code in March this year. However, the prosecutor appealed against this verdict and asked for their return to court.

It is stated in the article that “whoever offends the religious feelings of other persons by publicly insulting an object of religious worship, or a place designated for public religious ceremonies, is liable to pay a fine, have his or her liberty limited, or be deprived of his or her liberty for a period of up to two years.”

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After EU threats to withdraw funding, 3 additional Polish provinces revoil anti-LGBT statements

Amnesty International’s senior campaigner in Europe’s regional office, Catrinel Motoc, slammed Poland’s judiciary, claiming that the appeal “smacks of harassment and intimidation and the case should be dropped.”

These activists should not be brought back by Polish courts. Instead, they should promote and protect the rights of LGBTI persons who are subject to a more oppressive climate of state-sponsored homosexuality.

Human rights groups and the EU have had a long-standing dispute over how Poland treats LGBT issues. The European Commission even threatened to cut off funds to a handful of Polish regions if they did not revoke their self-declared “LGBT-free zone” titles.

A few regions were forced to abandon their statuses in September after Brussels struck Warsaw, threatening with pulling out payouts.

The European Commission declared in July it would be taking legal action against Poland as well as Hungary in relation to human rights violations committed by their LGBT community. It said this was not consistent with the European Commission’s values.

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